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Codeine 30mg is a prescription medicine to treat mild to moderately severe pain, coughing, and sleepiness problems. Codeine 30mg is an opioid medication called narcotic as well.

Codeine 30mg is a strong and highly addictive drug and can also cause addiction. Long-term use of this drug or taking its overdose without a doctor's supervision can cause the addiction.

Generally, Codeine 30mg comes in tablets, but sometimes it is also used in cough syrups to treat cough problems.

Using Codeine 30mg drug with some products such as Tylenol with Codeine can make you addicted to the drug.

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While taking Codeine 30mg drug first, you should read all the given guidelines and recommendations of this drug's using direction.

Do not use the Codeine 30mg longer than prescription or larger amounts than prescribed.

Codeine 30mg may be habit-forming and can also stop or slow your breathing.

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