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5 Best Whisky Brands In India With Price| Updated 2021

Whisky is the first love of Indians. Be it Marriage, promotion or even a failure, most functions are incomplete without peg-sheg. That’s what excited us to enlist the best Whiskey brands in India with price. We know what it takes to hold a glass of champagne but whiskey is loved by many. So, here are the best whiskey brands in India with an updated price list. It won’t satiate your craving but help you pick the best brand for next special-day.

Indians are so passionate about drinks and they not only love to explore different types of whisky but they have now become global leading manufacturers and distributors of Whisky.

As of now, India is home to various local and international distilleries- as 13 out of 25 best-selling whisky brands in the world come from India and according to the report of Forbes, “Officer’s Choice” was the world’s best-selling Whisky till the last year.

When there are several best whisky brands in India, from McDowell’s, Blenders Pride, Imperial Blue to Royal Challenge, it is hard to choose the best whisky in India for you. Yet we’ve shortlisted the best whisky brands in India with price on our personal experience that everyone should take a shot once in their life.

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  • Sep 9 2021
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