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FIORICET Shipped COD. Buy FIORICET Online No Prescription!

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Check with your doctor immediately if any of the following side effects occur while taking Fioricet:
* Shortness of breath
* Blistering
* Bleeding gums
* Joint pain
* Blurred Vision
* Swelling in lower limbs



What is FIORICET used for?
Fioricet is a combination medication for chronic tension headaches. A tension headache causes moderate pain in the front, sides, or back of the head. Tension headaches are common and most people experience them occasionally. Doctors sometimes also prescribe Fioricet for migraines, which are headaches that cause severe pain in one side of the head as well as hyper-sensitivity to light and sound. However, when people suffer from more than ten or fifteen headaches every month, a health care provider may write a prescription for Fioricet.

Tell your doctor of all prescription and nonprescription drugs you may use, especially of: "blood thinners" Tell your doctor or pharmacist of all prescription and nonprescription drugs you may use that cause drowsiness such as: medicine for sleep (e.g., sedatives), tranquilizers, anti-anxiety drugs (e.g., diazepam), narcotic pain relievers (e.g., codeine), psychiatric medicines (e.g., phenothiazines such as chlorpromazine, or tricyclics such as amitriptyline), anti-seizure drugs (e.g., carbamazepine), muscle relaxants, antihistamines that cause drowsiness (e.g., diphenhydramine). Because this medication contains acetaminophen, check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking other medications containing acetaminophen which is commonly found in nonprescription pain relievers and cough-and-cold products. Read labels carefully to check ingredients. This drug may interfere with the effectiveness of birth control pills. Discuss using other methods of birth control with your doctor. Do not start or stop any medicine without doctor or pharmacist approval.

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