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What is Flexeril is it a narcotic?

Flexeril is not a narcotic drug or an opioid. It is not controlled under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), either.

What are the side effects of Flexeril?

Common side effects of Flexeril include:

  • dry mouth or throat.

  • headache.

  • blurred vision.

  • drowsiness.

  • dizziness.

  • fatigue.

  • loss of appetite.

  • stomach pain.

Can I take Flexeril at bedtime?

It may also improve sleep in patients with chronic pain disorders, such as fibromyalgia. In this study we are testing to see if cyclobenzaprine at bedtime will help improve sleep in women treated with aromatase inhibitors. Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) 5 milligrams orally 2 hours before bed, for a total of 24 weeks.If you looking for buying flexeril online you can easily purchase online now at ambieninfo the best online pharmacy in USA

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