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Powertrac Tractor Price, features and specifications - Tractorgyan

Powertrac was fanned out in 1944, is a young adult relationship by get-together and right hand business to not extremely spread out to give the best quality tractors and contraptions and executes, unequivocally made for the farmers of India and worked with so it settle dependably on how much the various types of land or field. Powertrac tractor in India are puzzled in their hotshot and cutoff that fulfills the necessities of every single farmer. They are fit in get-togethers, little tractors and it is fantastically remarkable among Indian farmers contemplating how it is especially reasonable and gifted.

The Powertrac Tractor price starts at Rs 4.30 lakhs*. The tractors, unequivocally, are priced so every farmer on each level can overcome getting it begins from Rs. 3,30,000 lakh for the major level little tractors and goes up to Rs. 11,90,000 lakh for the full-length progressed tractors, the quality happen as before which is A-class. Examining force the show up begins from 25 Horsepower and goes up to 60 Horsepower.

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  • Jul 4 2022
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